Drawing with Heat Sense

Heat Sense mimics the heat produced by your fingers as you draw to create colourful, mesmerising patterns that evolve as you draw. It’s hypnotic, relaxing and fun!

Available for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.


Over 25 different colour palettes for different visual effects.


Turn your fingers into 66 different stamps to start your designs. Kids love this!

Finger effects

Use the Doppelgänger, Yin and Yang or Kaleidoscope effects to make symmetric, eye-catching patterns.


Take snapshots to save your artwork to the photo library to use as wallpaper.

Made for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

$0.99 / €0.89 / £0.69

User reviews

There’s just something relaxing and mesmerising about this app, I would strongly recommend it to anyone.

I found this app really fun and VERY addictive. There are so many different colours to choose from. My favourite thing about this app is the kaleidoscope tool which makes it even more fun.

This app is amazingly entertaining!!! I’m nearly 50 and my youngest is 13. We sometimes have to fight for it… one guess who wins…

This app does exactly what it says it does and it does it very well. I love the decay rate adjustments. I speed it up to maximum to just endlessly swirl my designs around the screen and have them disappear (very zen) or stop decay altogether to create and save… Whatever, all in all a great app. Thanks.

My kids and I love this app. Lots of fun to draw with. We like the change in colors you can do also.

For such a simple app it’s great fun. I get to pretend I’m the human torch.

We have this on both our iPhones and the new iPad, we even have it on my Mother’s iPad so the kids can play at her house. All the kids love it but the 2 year old is almost obsessed with it. A must have for anyone with small kids!

Lovely. Works well and is wonderfully soothing. A must have app.

You have to get this app! So small, so it doesn’t clog up your space, but so perfectly formed. You can make YOURSELF beautiful backgrounds for your iPhone iPad or iPod touch. It’s a must have beautiful little app. Don’t read any more reviews! Get it now!


Please send feedback, feature requests or support questions to heatsense@grahamdennis.me