PocketBib for BibTeX, BibDesk and JabRef

PocketBib is a BibTeX library reader for academics on the go. With PocketBib you can search, browse and read the papers in your BibTeX library, and sync them with BibDesk or JabRef on your computer.

Available for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

Find articles easily

Quickly search and sort articles to find what you’re looking for.

Syncs with Dropbox

Keep your BibTeX library and linked articles in sync with Dropbox. Your most recently viewed articles are stored on your device, or PocketBib can download all articles for offline viewing if you choose.

New in version 1.2.1: Use keywords to find the article you’re looking for faster.

BibDesk and JabRef friendly

PocketBib works with your preferred reference manager on your Mac or PC. Your linked PDFs are automatically located and displayed. Your Smart Groups and Static Groups from BibDesk and JabRef can also be viewed. JabRef ‘Search Groups’ are not supported.

Export, Import

PocketBib does not support viewing or editing PDF annotations, but you can send a PDF to another application like GoodReader or iAnnotate, make your annotations and then send it back to PocketBib. Your file will then be uploaded to Dropbox, replacing the original.

Schrödinger, not Schr{\"o}dinger

PocketBib understands LaTeX character accents, keeping your article list clean. (LaTeX math-mode isn’t supported.)

Made for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

$9.99 / €8.99 / £6.99

User reviews

Finally, an app for the BibTeX + Dropbox → iPad academic workflow! I’ve been looking for an app for reading academic papers for months now…

It is flawless! Works like a charm.

This is the perfect companion to JabRef. I use it all the time to find articles related to my work. You can load files via either DropBox or locally via iTunes. You can export file to other tools to annotate or edit.

It is a perfect companion to Bibdesk on the Mac. Working with files with up to 3000 entries I had no issues. On top of that it is both on the iPad and the iPhone incredible fast.

I have been using JabRef for years… With this app I can now carry my library (established via JabRef) with me and read my research papers whenever I want. It is really a big help in my research. I would like to strongly recommend it.

This is the app I was waiting for! Combined with BibDesk on Mac and Dropbox, it turns the iPad into the perfect reference library…

A must-have app for productive researchers who work with Bibdesk, jabRef, latex etc. Simple and intelligent

Keeps getting better and better!

Integrates perfectly into my workflow (BibDesk/Skim). I have all of my papers on Dropbox, and PocketBib can access them, the library is searchable etc (but can’t be edited). The developer is also very responsive and quick to answer emails. Thanks!

I needed an efficient way of accessing my BibTeX-database on the iPad, and with PocketBib I have found a good and flexible solutions: It syncs neatly with Dropbox, and I therefore always an updated version of my database and direct access to the references that can be opened and read directly in PocketBib. Highly recommended!

This is a great app for those who use BibTeX and the new features really help it do for the iPad what Bibdesk does for the Mac.


Please give feedback, feature requests or support questions at my support site, or send an email to pocketbib@grahamdennis.me.